Finding Casinos with the Highest Bonuses

One of the first things players should consider when selecting a gaming site is the bonus each one pays for both new players and frequent players. When a gaming site pays higher bonuses, it is advantageous to the player who has to invest less of his or her own money. The key to playing any online game is being able to use as little of your own money as possible and walking away from the game with at least the same amount you had in the beginning.

Each online casino site has a list of their rules and terms of service including how much they pay for sign in bonuses, frequent player bonuses and any other bonuses that casino pays. What you want to do to achieve the most rewarding game playing experience is to choose the casinos that pay the highest bonuses in order to assure you spend the least amount of your own money.

When you first see the different online casinos, you will likely first notice the amount of the sign up bonus widely displayed on their home page. But while you may see that one casino has a bigger amount on offer than another casino, it is sometimes a different type of bonus, so you need to be aware of this. While some casinos may offer you a $2000 sign up bonus, this will likely be a staggered match-play bonus and will be issued over a certain number of deposits that you make (usually done over your first 5 deposits).

But then you may see another casino that offers a no-deposit bonus of $100. While the first bonus of $2000 may seem more attractive at first glance, you will quickly find out that you actually get this after you have made 5 deposits of your own, up to the required amounts. Whereas the 2nd bonus of just $100 will be issued to you just by signing up to the casino, and not having to make any deposit of your own.

So it is important that you understand these different bonuses, and know what you are getting before you sign up. While both of these sign up bonus types are very attractive, one may suit a certain player over the other. So just because a casino offers more on the face of it, this does not mean that it is necessarily the best bonus for every player.