Intro to 3 Card Poker

When players access an online casino they will find there are many great game variations, similar to what is offered in a land casino however, players will see that there are usually more game titles that are featured at online sites. For those that appreciate the thrills and skills associated with playing poker, there are great games, such as 3 Card Poker. This game is one of the more popular version of poker offered online and it can also be played as a live dealer game. The game is easy to learn and has basic rules. After playing a few free hands of this game, player will be ready to jump into the action at the tables and start collecting amazing real money payouts.

When playing three card poker, the goal of the game is to have a hand that will beat the hand value held by the dealer. The game is most often played with a single deck of cards and there are 7 winning combinations that can be created. These include a high card, pair, three of a kind, straight flush and a natural royal flush. Each and has different payouts that are depicted on the pay table. As soon as players place their bets, the cards are dealt. The three player cards are face up and the three dealer cards are face down. Players will then choose to play or fold. Playing will require a bet to be placed that is equal to the ante. To win these hands, the dealer has to qualify with a queen or better. With no qualifying hand, all bets are returned and the ante bet gets a 1:1 payout.

On the table, players will see three betting options. These include the ante, Play and Pairs Plus. The game starts when a player bets on the Ante or the Pairs Plus. Certain hands will win a bonus payout with an Ante bet, including a straight, straight flush and a three or a Kind. These bonus payouts are paid whether the dealer qualifies or not. There is also a Six Card bonus bet, where three dealer cards and three player cards are used to create the best five card poker hand. Payouts will be collected for hands with three of a kind or better and range from 7:1 to 1000:1.